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Personal Hygiene 
Personal Hygiene
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Personal Hygiene Products Cost a Lot

Amazing how much you can spend at the pharmacy buying your everyday personal hygiene products. Even the generic brands can add up to a pile of money. Deodorant anti-perspirant, face cream, body lotion, toothpaste, foot powder, acne soap and astringent, mouthwash, shaving cream.. §

Making the Most of Your Money

Cheaper Substitutes

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Interestingly, a few simple items can substitute for many of your personal hygiene needs. Witch hazel, glycerin, peroxide. baking soda, aloe vera,  lemon juice, lanolin... §

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Many products today are labeled as green, safe and non-toxic, but how can we know that we aren't just paying more for the hype?
Bras with Pockets


Personal Hygiene Tips & Tricks

Pocket Bra - instead of carrying a purse or handbag, by a bra with waterproof pockets built into the cups. You can store your money, ID, credit cards and cell phone and keep them dry and sanitary in the pocket bra.

Excessive Sweating - control the odor by dabbing the underarms with a cheap and effective deodorant - witch hazel - this is an astringent that kills the odor-causing bacteria. Carry a little bottle in your purse to freshen up and fight body odor throughout the day.

Sweat Stains - To protect your clothing from sweat stains, buy some mini-pads. Yes, those little stick-on panty liners absorb a lot of water and are really easy to use and freshen up as needed. You can trim off the ends if they are too long.

Foot Odor - rub your feet down with Listerine or Witch Hazel  Both are anti-bacterial astringents. Sprinkle baking soda in your shoes. Some people have reported curing athlete's foot and toe fungus with daily Listerine soaks.

Bad Breath - Bubble away that bacteria with hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash.

Acne - Cleanse and exfoliate with baking soda/water mixture. Baking soda is antifungal and antiseptic. Dab on some witch hazel or lemon juice as an astringent to close your pores. Your skin will feel very dry, so follow-up with nature's moisturizer pure aloe vera gel, preferably straight from the plant.

Once a week give yourself a warm honey facial. Raw honey contains enzymes that are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Don't buy the honey from your grocer's breakfast aisle, it is pasteurized (heated and sterilized) which destroys the natural enzymes. Go to a health food store or local farmer's market and get raw honey. Warm a blob in the microwave for just a few seconds, just to make it a bit smoother, then massage onto your face in circular motions. Let it sit at least 30 minutes then rinse with warm water only (not cleanser).

Exfoliate - If you want to be really cheap you can use the old-fashioned method - gently scrub with a  wet washcloth in the shower.  You can add either salt , sugar or baking soda  to your regular body wash, they are all  lightly abrasive exfoliants that naturally dissolve so they won't clog up the drain or leave grit in the tub.

Winter-Dry Chapped Lips and Cracked Feet & Heels- So many expensive products claim to be intensive relief for extreme dry skin. Pure lanolin from sheep's wool is the best and cheapest. It is absolutely safe and non-toxic even for tiny babies. You will find it on the bottom shelf of the baby aisle, with the breast-feeding products. Mom's use it to soften their nipples after many hours of nursing. Use it on your chapped lips, and it really does heal cracked heels and feet. Lanolin is quite thick, so it doesn't work well as a body lotion.

Dry Skin - Moisturize with banana. Just rub the inside of a banana peel on dry scaly skin and you can feel the moisture and vitamins soaking in. Grandma's glycerin and rose water left her skin so soft. Glycerin is a humectant so it attracts water out of the air into your skin. More Recipes for body lotion HERE.

Shaving - You get a rich lather from castile shampoo. Make it at home (cheapest) or buy ir ready-made.